The ever anticipated Christmas shenanigans……


This is my waiting patiently face, not for santa, not for the man in red nope….. for the real big deal My baby sister. Christmas will begin tomorrow with a 6am airport pick up. Which I can confidently say will give love actually a run for its money. Some might say we’re an emotional pair. Baby sisters are very special so when you get one thats your best friend it’s a particularly emotional scenario. We carry on from the airport with a three hour drive home incased in a car packed with everything but the kitchen sink to my mam and dad the Christmas leaders. The ones we take our cues from. Who showed what Christmas could be, who thought us how to become santa for ours. This is home, where Christmas is our favourite time of year! We only care about important things like food, pj’s, processeco…. oh and quality time together obviously with all of the above!

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