All good things must come to an end…..

And with that she was gone again and took Christmas with her. My sisters arrival was most certainly not an anticlimax. It made Christmas 2016 special. All the shopping , stressing and prepping was worth it. Ned had the best week, enjoying every hug and every second of attention. It showed its self in new words, new games, never-ending smiles and frequent kisses and cuddles. He loves his Aunt and impressively even after months knew who she was and more importantly what she was. A VIP!  Mulligan was also pleased with all the extra treats she fooled people into giving her, so I can safely say we are all going to be carrying a little holiday weight! She was less than impressed with the number of visitors we had though. Letting us know time and time again with a tirade of barking.

Neds relationship with Grandad has escalated to new levels with the realisation that he does all the cool jobs and has all the cool things. What qualifies as cool I hear you say. What does this girls dad do. Astronaut? Fireman? No at 13 months old cool includes emptying the bins, fitting child locks, general use of power tools, feeding hens, driving vans and pushing wheel barrows!

Christmas was the merry occasion we’d hoped it would be. Seeing my sister return to Canada was never going to be a merry occasion. I’m comforted by her happiness and by the old truth that time flies when you’re having fun and with all the exciting plans we have for 2017 making that time fly won’t be a bother to us!


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