A New Year, An Old Me!

New Year, New you….hmm? Bah humbug to that! What’s wrong with the old me!

What did I do so wrong in 2016 that I’ve to change? We all survived didn’t we? Maybe a little greyer and little rounder perhaps. We’re in Ireland… a little hibernation fat is essential!

In-fact I’m not even changing my goals. 2016 brought many things, some we wanted some we didn’t. Some things we strived for we didn’t achieve. With that I see 2017 as an opportunity to have another stab at achieving those goals. I will endeavour and persevere and who knows I may get there!
Cliche time….This could be the year that dreams comes true. In between all that wishing, hoping and working I’ll do house work, practice amateur photography, blog, brand rep, be a dog walker, a cook, a gardener, a parent, consider parenting another, be a wife, a daughter, a friend and a sister! And who knows maybe I’ll enjoy a shower or a wee on my own! There’s always hope of the toilet door not opening.

It’s a New year an old Me and I am up for it ! 2017 …Bring it!

Happy New Year, Love Dee x

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