Baby Power or Super Power?

I wonder if a baby knew it had super power would it continue using it for good?
When you announce the joyful news ” I’m pregnant” how often will you be told “Oh your life will never be the same!” There’s continued comments, statements, advice and many Dos and Donts offered to you whether you want them or not.
But sure enough,for each parent, life will never be the same again! It’s not just your life a baby changes or you as a person they change, it’s those unsuspecting on lookers too. Those closest to you, congratulating you and screaming in excitement, they haven’t even realised that this little baby will change them too.

My brother is one of those high flying, Silicon Valley pacing, deadline chasing, deal closing director of something very serious and technical and important! So many miles away in San Francisco and Ned is even powerful enough to infiltrate that rat race, the directors chair, the board room, the deals that have to be closed!
He’s home every year and these days with social media and chat apps you never miss a beat of each other’s lives really. He couldn’t get home this Christmas and vows it will never happen again. By the time Christmas Day had arrived, our family festivities with Ned had frustrated him so much, he was now re-routing a business trip to Stockholm from San Fran to Dublin for 24 hours.
24 hours he intended to spend with Ned. We were not to confuse this with a need to see me or anyone else for that matter! He just wanted to get a good dose of Ned to get him through until next time which could be Christmas 2017. If that isn’t Baby Super Power!!
I know what you’re thinking…. why don’t we visit him in Sanfran, family holiday, fabulous part of the world…… I’d rather eat one of my own arms off than travel long haul with Ned at 14 months old. Any month old really, until we’re firmly in the years …until there’s too many months to be still talking in months. One or both of us would have to be severely medicated to survive!!
This Baby Super Power is a good thing! It is good, all good to see love like that, to see this whole other side to people, to see people you thought you had figured and put in a box surprise you, to see people melting and brooding over this new little person!

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