Two Berry Smoothie

Ned absolutely devoured this bad boy! It was simple to make and convenient in the little NomNom kids pouches. He gobbled it all independently. Smoothies are a great way of using fruit and getting a portion or two into a toddler who has decided they don’t like fruit this week and you’ve bought loads thinking othe wise! 

He is getting more and more independent every meal time these days. Pretty much feeding himself through out the day. Even looked for Dadas fork during the week at dinner time and tried he’s hardest to work it out or steal from our plates which ever way you like to look at it!!

I’ve  written the ingredients for one toddler smoothie and you can increase the portions according to your needs. All ingredients were purchased in Aldi.


half a banana

handful of frozen raspberries

handful of blueberries

teaspoon of milled chia seeds

tables spoon of oats

5 tablespoons of natural yougurt


Measure the ingredients and pop them all in a blender or equally I’ve regularly puréed with a hand blender so I would imagine it could work fine for a smoothie too.

Blend until smooth.

Pop in a Nomnom pouch or glass. Pouches are handy for Ned’s age. While they are still on beakers with nozzels, smoothies can’t run through so can be frustrating!

Enjoy Dee x


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