Paws For Thought…..Nature or Nurture?

Nature or nurture hmmmm…
Watching the relationship between a three-year old sausage dog , raised and trained by humans, and a new born baby is pure theatre. Also, factor in that the new born is developing in to less new-born and more man baby with each day! Overall this scenario would overwhelm your mind set on the discussion of Nature and Nurture!
The strangest thing said to me when I announced I was pregnant was not “congratulations, when are you due? “………no , it was “ohh what about the dog?”
Hmmm… This, still to this day, baffles me……WelI,….I Guess we’ve the hope of a “real” baby it’s to the pound with Mulligan! It was nice while it lasted Mulli,thanks for the good times.!

Mulligan is one of the best choices we’ve ever made and adopted into our family. She isn’t going anywhere and she like all of us will struggle but adapt to the major life change of having a baby. Of course I worried that our needy greedy first born would freak and not cope with the change, but I had faith in her and us, to roll with it as best we could. Mulligan has got me through more than many would know ! I would now be loyal to a fault for her! I wasn’t wrong , when the chips were down Mulligan was by my side. I went into labour at home around 5am but it was so faint, I thought it could be a false alarm ! I went down stairs and got Mulli and brought her to bed with me. Told my husband it was probably nothing and to go to work as normal. He’s only a ten minute drive from the house so I promised I’d ring if something changed. Things did change and kept changing but Mulligan stayed by my side every minute, never moving. I eventually rang my husband to come home and take Mulligan to the dog sitters, her home from home, Ace Pets. I then insisted he go to the airport to collect my sister as she was flying in from India that lunch time! We had planned to collect her. Looking back maybe I should have gone to the hospital at the point but a baby sister is just that and will always be. By the time they got back, I was more than ready for hospital and arrived to the assessment unit between 5 and 6 cm, dilated!

Ned was born! The adventures of Ned and Mulligan began! Why was She not more surprised that there was a baby in the house? Why is Ned unafraid of her bark? She was, of course, aware that Ned had been in the house for nine months and Ned was listening to that bark his entire existence, none of it was new to them. They’ve grown together and I’ve often questioned if they try and work out if they are both either babies or Dogs ! When Ned cries She brings her toys when He is sleeping she tries to get in on the action. If Ned is rough with her she restrains herself. That is not allowed to occur too often as I’m a firm believer it is not Her place or role to be pulled and dragged by any child. Avoid it as best we can until we can teach Ned the rules.
Now, don’t get me wrong ,it’s like Fawlty Towers with them sometimes ! When you are dealing with a baby blowout and a dog walking thru the nappy you abandoned as you try and run a bath to wash the epic amount of poo that just exploded through nappy and vest, down leg and up neck. Walking with the buggy, for at least the first six weeks, was like training her on the leash all over again. I remember seeing a woman with a buggy and two dogs and I looked on in Awe . I was so impressed, much like when I see parents with twins. I just want to shake their hand and say “fairplay”.
There have been many times I’ve wanted to send both of them to the pound but not because Mulligan was a bad dog or Ned was a naughty baby ….because neither of them speak right now or listen at times and I’m new here too guys!
So…. There isn’t any Dogs Trust getting a present of a sausage dog any time soon. I firmly believe Mulligan proves that sometimes Nurture is more powerful than Nature!

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