Doggy Gift Ideas and Product Review

Mulligan and I have chosen some of our favourite doggy brands  with a particular emphasis on some of our own home grown heroes right here in Ireland producing fantastic products for our much loved pooches. I’ve given an honest review of all, so rest assured your pup will not be disappointed! Click on their highlighted names to go directly to their websites and find out more.


Ace Pet Services

Ace pets is a grooming, day care and home boarding service for small breeds and miniatures and Woof have they got it right! If there was only one thing I could give Mulligan and I had to choose it, it would be a day in doggy day care with Ace Pets.

If you want to see a happy dog let them be a dog and the best place to do that is with other dogs. We are fortunate enough to have found Ace Pets,nearly four years ago now. It is run by the most kind and caring women, Ute and Bernie. Now we think of them as friends and are eternally grateful for the love and care they give Mulligan. Mulligan bounds in the gate and thanks to them has become a more confident and stable dog. She is incredibly social with other dogs and it’s all thanks to them. They’re probably even too modest to realise the huge contribution they’ve made to making her such a well-rounded dog.

What I think is Pawsome; Bernie and Utes feedback from Mulligans visit and what she got up to. They love to relate stories of what Mull gets up to…e.g. Which pup she helped show the ropes to ….as some new kids,just like her once,need to be taught some manners….cracks me up,Warms my heart and gives me the lols every time. The thought of Mulligan being the adult in a bunch of dogs! Most of all the peace of mind and comfort I have when she’s with them.

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; Bernie and Utes genuine love, being a dog with dogs, the toy box and burning off all that stress!

Mulligan gives it 4 paws and a huge waggy tail and two licks!


K9 Connectables

The K9 connectable are a range of interactive dog toys which all connect and interact with each-other. Made by an Irish Company in Dublin inspired by a lab named Sandy. There’s three types the original, the tech bone and the dentist. We loved the colours the quality and durability! Made of wooough stuff!

What I think is Pawsome; We loved that you could vary those daily connections and make the toy pose a challenge every day. Mulligan has always been an anxious pup so we’ve used many different types of toy and gadget in an attempt to help her stress,all of which she figures out and masters tactics for in jig time! The first day I left Mulligan on her own and gave her the K9 Connectable was late morning. Same day my husband returned from work in the early evening and he took her straight out for her second walk. My husband rang me later around 9pm and said Mulligan is still playing with one of these new toys, as she can’t get one treat out all day! I was over the moon never before had she had such a challenge and on one of those rare days we weren’t together. It was exactly what the doctor ordered!

The What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; Mulligan loved the treats we hid in them, the challenge they gave her reducing her daily stress as a huffy puppy!

Mulligan gave them 4 Paws!


The Happy Tails

Happy Tails treats is a wonderful Irish company that we stumbled across after being gifted a packet of their homemade dog treats. The Happy Tails are an all natural dog treat and come in a range of by flavours. They are all handmade and homemade so there is thought and care put into each pack. They also have an online store with a whole selection of doggy apparel.

When we receive dog treats as gifts we normally pass them on to some furry buddies as in the past Mulligan has been quite ill from changes in her diet. This time I thought the person that gifted them to mulligan is incredibly thoughtful and dog savvy and I bet she’s thought this through. So after two years treat free they’re worth a chance. I’ll just give her a third and see how she goes and build it up accordingly.

What I think is Pawsome; Two months later and mull has not vomited or had any other adverse side effects to this new treat. What I love the most is we have something different and exciting to reward, encourage and teach her with. The secret to good behaviour is all about having the best reinforcers and she really knows when she’s done something right or well when she gets a Happy Tail treat!

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome: They were peanut butter flavour, lip smackingly moreish!!

Mulligan gave them 4 paws and a waggy tail!


Malulu is a fantastically unique company and well deserved a place on the list. Malulu’s product range is ethically sourced from suppliers in Southern and Eastern Africa. This admirable ethos and unique style is what sets them apart, working from the ethos “Trade not Aid”. We reviewed their dog collar range which comes in a range of sizes and designs.

What I think is Pawsome; the attention to detail and the stunning craftsmanship! This unique and unusual collar is something I haven’t seen on the high-street or in a chain store that’s for sure. It fit very comfortably and had a range of sizing. It was Mulligans first buckle collar in years and proved to go on and wear with the same level of ease.

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; the comfort of the collar and looking super spiffy and unique like a doggy style icon out on walks …showing the world that if you think before you buy, you could look this wooftastic too!!

Mulligan gave it 4 paws!


Ecomutt is an Irish made dog grooming product. We tried the dog soap and the dry shampoo. There is a larger range available and there’s several stockists throughout Ireland and online. These are chemical free 100% natural and handmade in Ireland. That’s a whole lot of goodness!

What I think is Pawsome; other than the comfort of using a healthy product on my precious pups skin, the delicious smell, rosemary, lavender and mandarin! Whifftastic!

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; probably not the application as unfortunately she’s not a bath lover but she loved all the sniffing and cuddles she got from us …we treated her like a new born baby with the glorious whiff!

Mulligan gave them 4 paws (initially she wanted to give them between 2 and 3 as she felt the washing took from the Eco Mutt experience but when I explained to her that eco mutt weren’t to blame for the bathing she put all paws back on the table!!)


Dog Tag Art

Dog Tag Art is an American company based in North Carolina, they have fantastic doggy ideas, gifts and innovation. Our recommendation the dog tags!

What I think is Pawsome; I love this company. We have used them every year for Mulligans birthday. It’s a great site to navigate, with endless options and a “create your own” section! That’s the kind of thing that gets me excited,friends! Most of all I’ve been hooked since the first one because the quality, the comfort and above all, the amount of information that can be printed. The size is important to us as Mulligan is a mini so traditional tags are big and their smaller counter parts fit zero information. I haven’t found any other like it. Dog Tag Art also accommodate every sense of humour, breed, quirk even religion,on their site,with their many many design options!

This year we used the ‘create your own’for the first time and they couldn’t have made it a simpler format. I am photo mad, so of course it spoke to me. When I realised I could upload the personalised graphic,Emma Hale over at daydreams and ice-creams created for us, I squealed a little. It was at nap time so I had to keep it down!!

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; it’s so light yet incredibly sturdy and hard wearing she doesn’t even feel it and most importantly she is safe.

Mulligan gave them four paws and a waggy tail!


Scooby Box

Scooby Box is a wonderful Irish company. Founded by three dog lovers. Like all good dog products, inspired by their day to day lives, with their own fur friends Ben and Milly! Scooby Box is a dog subscription box that is delivered to your door every month. They deliver to Ireland and the Uk. Each box is filled with new and creative choices so your dog has a variety of toys and treats monthly! Variety is the spice of life after all and let’s face it whether your dog’s energy full or a stress head like Mulligan variety and novelty are key!

What I think is Pawesome; well on arrival all I could think was this is a very generous box and would most definitely do any size dog a month. There was thought and consideration put into the choices of toy and there was lots of treats,way more than Mulligan would ever get in a month. And three different types of treat. I loved this delivery and it was such a treat and so much fun to indulge a doggy with!

What Mulligan thinks is Pawsome; squeaky toy wins hands down every time!! She also loved that they weren’t small toys just because she’s a mini! The girl likes a challenge, like her Mama, what can I say!

Mulligan gave them Four paws (she gave me one paw because I wouldn’t let her eat a lot of the treats! She’s got a sensitive stomach since a pup so I’m cautious on delivery of new products so they will all be individually tested gradually over time!)


I hope you enjoy our choices as I know we do! Comment what you think and share with your friends.


Dee and Mulligan x

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