Pupp Pup and Away…. A dogs life in Ireland!

How is it possible that little Mulligan has turned four. She was once just a thought and then a reality and then hard work!! Now she’s family!

After a lifetime of being an animal lover and four years a dog owner in Ireland, I’m always searching for a dog friendly day out or venue. Unfortunately our country seems to fall short in obliging facilities. Whilst many don’t boast to be dog friendly yet are perfectly fine and welcoming, if you do chance your arm, others are comically and dramatically against any four legged friend near their premises. This attitude amuses me no end and disappoints,as I can safely say Mulligan is cleaner and better behaved than Ned! There is even a Manor House Cafe, on the grounds of one of the most popular dog walking areas locally,that won’t allow dogs in the cafe courtyard not to mention inside the door.

I wonder do attitudes like this stem from ignorance and or lack of education? Or are they just personally fearful of dogs? It can’t be from actual research of the laws and regulations. Either way there are super easy resources and very cut and dry laws to guide everyone and anyone. The Dog Friendly Association of Ireland is an ideal starting point for anyone interested. None of the laws say dogs should not be allowed on a business premises. There are conditions and areas they must avoid of course, like they can’t help the prep chef get ready for dinner service!

We are fortunate to have some wonderful hotels in Ireland which have become dog friendly such as CastleMartyr Resort. This is a particular favourite of ours although we’ve never stayed with Mulligan, we definitely endeavour to stay with the full clan. Some time I’m feeling particularly brave 😊! There are also plenty of cafes and bistros with outside areas,where dogs are more than welcome. Unfortunately with Ireland’s sometimes unpredictable weather,that’s not always ideal or appealing!

One truly dog friendly location is Pupp Cafe on Clanbrassil street, Dublin. Now don’t get me wrong it’s a cafe first and foremost but it is most definitely dog friendly, dogs must be on leash by law and abide by Pupp house rules.


Pupp have a lovely background story of their own with the concept stemming from their own love of dogs and the brains behind the operation,a handsome rescue rat terrier named Toby. Pupp have got the concept down to a T and for me a lover of food they really tick all the boxes. It’s not just a dog friendly cafe with substandard food and menu. It’s a dog friendly cafe with fresh homemade food and baking to die for!! Dog or no dog call to Pupp for a ‘hey pesto bagel’ or their home made soup and of course you will not regret a cake!! Not to mention your daily caffeine fix aka the essentials! Of course you’ll find a doggy menu to hand and a water bowl to refresh the entire party!


Everything’s reasonably priced and I always feel I’ve got value for my money. Which brings me nicely to the most heart warming item on the menu and something I truly admire and wish others would replicate through out our country “Pay what you can afford Porridge”. Can we even imagine or possibly conceive what this means to someone with very little? Let’s face it we all know how cheap porridge is to make but it is so wholesome, nutritious and warming! I’ll make the sweeping statement of sweeping statements …..there isn’t a cafe in the country that couldn’t do this. Even one day a week if not everyday. Pupp make a difference with porridge, simple!

Bottom line to this week ramblings; a more Mulligan friendly world could only be a kinder one for us all!


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