A letter to the real Mums

This is for the Mamas who inspired, encouraged Ned helped me through my first year of motherhood. To my amazing friends and family both physical and virtual! Mother’s Day seems a most appropriate a time to publish this. This is not a blissful blog about how my heart has never felt so full of love and how every burp my baby makes my life seem worth while.


This is is a yes my heart is full of joyful bliss and love but my head is weary and my body is exhausted kinda blog! This is and every week should have a Mother’s Day because we are bloody amazing! This for every Mama feeling the struggle to juggle what’s now expected of a modern Mum, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick yourself out and you’ll definitely be able to pick me out!

So to my Mom Squad I salute you!

To the Mum whose baby is cutting four teeth together.

To the Mum getting out of bed for the fifth time at 2am

To the Mum texting her friends comparing milk ounces and purée spoons, trying so hard to get it right.

To the Mum who is starting her own business while working full time and a new Mum.

To the Mum who may scream if she hears “breast is best” from another insensitive preacher.

To the Mum putting “Cars” on for the 55th time.

To the Mum pushing the buggy with the hysterical child inside feeling every gaze and glare.

To the Mum who had the strength to leave and the courage to raise her boy on her own.

To the Mum whose best friends baby’s is doing everything, Already!

To the Mum whose 4am reading is my blog.

To the Mum turning on the tv to survive until Dad comes home.

To the Mum still doing a night feed.

To the Mum trying for baby number 2 and it’s not happening as she’d hoped.

To the Mum pregnant with number 3 and was not planning it.

To the Mum being told it’ll pass it’s a phase, I’m sure it is but your right smack in the middle of the phase and so is my mental health.

To the Mum compromising her personal goals and career every week for the greater good of the family.

To the working Mum for the constant juggling and sacrifice.

To the stay at home Mum for the constant patience and sacrifice.

To the Mum that feels alone.

To the Mum whose had a call from the school again.

To the Mum driving around for a nap and sometimes even bed.

To the Mum with a colicky baby.

To the Mum pulling on a wolly hat at the door just to cover her unbrushed hair.

To any Mum I ever judged before I had a child. I was a fool!

To the Mum that didn’t get to hold her little baby just like she had dreamed.

To the Mum struggling to balance Mum and wife, Mum and friend, Mum and lover, Mum and daughter, Mum and the rest of the world.


Finally to my Mum. If I knew what I know now I would do so much different. I wouldn’t have been so hard on you. I would have become your best friend sooner. I would never have questioned your wisdom or agenda. I would have realised that you genuinely just want what’s best for me. I would have been more grateful. I would have been proud, as I am now for your ability to see the best in everyone, your fight, your courage, your incredible generosity, your hilarious sense of humour, your constant positivity and your admirable priorities.

So to all my Mums go a little easier on yourself. Don’t be so tough on yourself. Drop the guilt down one gear. Go a little easier on each other. Don’t judge one another. Don’t judge each other for how we raise our kids just know we are all trying so hard, always with the intention of getting it right. Sometimes we fail or just feel we’ve failed but more often than not we don’t and for that we should celebrate today and each other!

To the real Mums.

love Dee x




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