Let’s have another?

I was never one for wanting a whole brood of Babies! in fact, I didn’t really pay that much attention to babies before my own! Let’s just say I was not a Baby sniffer! I’ve always worked with children and teenagers and enjoyed that so much …. I guess, I thought that’s where all the action was, so to speak. Diagnosed with severe polycystic ovaries at an early age, it was probably self-preservation to repeatedly insist that “the yearn” wasn’t really there, because who knew what life had in store for me.


Then with a little help we made Ned! Now the ever lingering question is….when to have another? Is that the same for everyone? Or, do some people bask in the first, never even contemplating the second? Or are we all the same when the first arrives, and you’ve done it. You’ve made a baby and it is as perfect as the pictures! 10 little fingers and 10 little toes! Do we all automatically go …”Will I try Again”… in the new baby euphoria!


I, for one, felt invincible after birthing Ned! There was nothing I couldn’t do! Stand back everyone…. I am Super woman… I just made man! Unfortunately that wore off when parenting kicked in and Ohh …first time parenting kicked in! Not having a clue kicked in and doctors, weight, breasts, guilt, pumps, doubt, wind, teeth, husband, marriage, friendships…..kicked in!!!

So isn’t it funny that in spite of all that, you’re willing, not so much willing…. much more… you Want, you Hope you Plead that it will happen again and this time with a toddler in tow! Do we all just love a challenge? Do all the magic moments over power any bad day and does the chance of a bigger family mean multiplying those moments and increasing that love……perhaps?


Is there any other decision in life we make like this? I’m one for researching the important things in life and I like a bit of science to back something up. I’ve not done the research this time and there are no statistics to say it’s for me or that it’s the best thing to do but something inside of me still lingers, aches on from the Delivery suite whispering “Go again!”



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