A Moment For Me With Mome.ie

Mome is a collection of positive affirmation cards designed for men, woman and children alike. They are beautifully designed by a wonderful graphic designer Niamh McMahon. A proud Limerick woman like myself. This lady really has her finger on the pulse knowing what is quickly becoming a priority in every modern household! Positive thinking and mindfulness are on the tip of everyone’s tongue and something we all strive to incorporate more of into our lives every day.


I have never used anything like this before and I have just completed a month and by then end of it even my husband was on board. I found the Mome cards great, practical in size and functional in design. These little cards aren’t going to take from your surroundings but add that’s for sure.

As someone new and open to the concept of positive thinking and mindfulness I was curious as to how much I’d really use them or even get from them. I must say I’ve found them a really helpful tool in starting to incorporate the mindset into our home. I must admit positive thinking and being mindful are not something that necessarily come naturally to me and that may seem a strange thing to admit but in full disclosure I don’t always naturally see the bright side or the glass half full. Life has taught me that life can take a spin for the worst when you least expect it and that things don’t always work out the way you want and you don’t always get what you want. It doesn’t mean you are a negative person or a cynical person I don’t feel I am. It just means life’s obstacles have thought you to be guarded, real, prepared and with guarded you can often begin to block the good too! Or worse forget all the very evident good your surrounded by.


The value of the Mome cards for me is that they were the physical tool I needed to begin a new habit. Starting a new way of thinking doesn’t just happen over night. Like any behaviour it must become a daily habit. These cards are the perfect way to begin this new habit. They are the physical reminder, the nudge, the prompt to keep up the good work and don’t let the ball drop on the new healthy behaviour.

Love Dee x



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