Toddler Snacks On The Go – Organix

I’m not big into buying a lot of snack foods for NED. I prefer to bake or offer him whatever’s going. Fruit, cheese,hu yougurt that kind of thing but you have to have a little stock of packets when out and about or when the groceries aren’t done! I take a pretty realistic and practical approach to parenting. Although it is is now a total taboo to even say, I believe sometimes you just need a little convenience food in your life. I know, Stop the presses…..Bad mother alert 😄!

Ned tried a few of the Organix no junk promise products. They are so convenient and handy to have in your hand bag or changing bag. His number one choice are the Strawberry oatty bars which he thinks are just the bees knees and when produced all other activity grounds to a halt. He could take or leave the gingerbread man biscuits sometimes not bothering with them at all. The one down side of the gingers in my opinion is the sugar content. It appears to be higher than a traditional Jacobs Marietta or Lincon biscuit so they probably won’t make our shopping list.

I am sugar conscious for Ned, sadly not myself. I’m a sugar addict! So I do watch the sugar content of food for him but within reason and not obsessively. I like to think it’s balanced. I also think I might as well while I can because it only gets more difficult the older they get. So happily for now Ned seems totally unaware of chocolates and crisps and juices. He’s still excited over an oatty bar from Organix and apple slice but I imagine as baby number two arrives this winter, that blissful ignorance will surely begin to fade!


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