Nom Nom Kids!

Nom Nom kids are the weaning tool that toddlers can carry straight through to school. Unlike so many purchases around the weaning stage, you really get enough bang for your buck with these little pouches! They are not a one hit wonder!

The food pouches are like drinking pouches, they are very cleverly put together and designed! It is so obvious, when using them, that a hands on Mum had to be behind the concept. Ned used these for eating yogurts and homemade smoothies. He found them easy to manage and enjoyed using them. With baby number two I imagine they will be a purée on the go, God send. I look forward, to having them in my arsenal of parent hacks, this time round.

The snack packs are a great size. All along I’ve been using them to make toddler portions of left overs like ragu and of course, freezing them. I also found them handy for bringing bits and pieces on the road with me. Now that Neds a bit older he can use them independently and they are so handy to hand him in the car seat, buggy, beach you name it and let him at it. Whether it be pinwhee, fruit or a bread sticks he’s a happy camper when he sees a Nom Nom Kids pouch approaching!

I’ve never used them in the dishwasher but have found them incredibly easy to clean and continually reuse them. They are dishwasher friendly and my favourite, freezer friendly! I have really put them to the freezer test believe you me and they are really tough, no wear and tear yet or cracking.

Especially important to mention all the Nom Nom Kids products are BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free i.e. No nasties to worry about or feel the old Mum guilt about 😉

There has been so many products I’ve felt I’ve wasted money on or weren’t worth it for the use we got out of them. Some from the big brands you tend to rely on! I won’t be making the same mistake with baby number two and certainly will try to avoid getting sucked in by gimmicks. Nom Nom Kids will remain a constant in this house.

Love Dee x



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