Giveaway – Gender Reveal!


It’s as simple as falling out of bed all you have to do is guess whether I’m having a boy or a girl! You can guess twice to hench your bets if you like, it’s only a bit of fun. Nothing too serious. There are some great prizes to be won from some of my favourite brands including Elave Skincare, Nom Nom Kids, Zippy bibs and Busy B. These are all products I’ve used, enjoyed and recommend to other parents.

Elave Skincare – The lucky winner will receive a set if their baby bath products. Recently awarded an ECO cert for their baby range and all round fantastic Irish product.


Nom Nom Kids – The lucky winner will receive a set of food pouches and a set of snack bags.


Zippy Bibs – The lucky winner will receive a bib of their choice from their range.


Busy B – The winner will receive a pregnancy journal. Don’t worry if you are not pregnant it would make a nice gift for someone who is.


If you are not on Instagram and can’t connect with my account @deehollhan and the giveaway post to enter and win, please feel free to enter here!

All you have to do is take a guess at the gender Boy or Girl put it in the comments below. For an extra chance to win subscribe to the blog. For a further chance to win share the blog on your account. You are welcome to enter in the blog and on my Instagram so get guessing, liking, tagging, commenting and sharing! All entries will be accounted for and a winner drawn after the giveaway closes on the 29th of July. Entires from Ireland and the U.K. Only please.  The gender will be revealed also 😍

Good Luck Dee x






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