7 Tips I wish I had listened To Having Baby Number One!


Bless, you don’t quite get what that means and you think your GREAT at eight, nine months pregnant and still thropping along! You’ll literally never get this time again. People aren’t just being kind! Rest!

Savour The Couple Time

This is going to be very slim on the ground for a very very long time. I have to admit we were good at this loving our dates and dog walks but am I glad we were good at it because it ain’t happening now and with a second on the way I can’t imagine it increasing any time soon.

Don’t Buy Loads of Baby Clothes

I returned so much when Ned was born. He got so many gifts and I’d bought so much and well, they grow out of it sooooo fast! Vests lots of vests is essential. Most importantly if you get a sudden influx of gifts all in the same size exchange them and spread out the sizes to get at least a few wears. Most shops are fantastic for this once tagged especially… Next! Only one shop I found with a funny policy was Zara.

Don’t Obsess About C-Sections and Breast Feeding

Now this is hard with current cultures and the amount of preaching and pushing going on! But I’m a true believer of everyone doing their best and what ever that might be, is just fine by me. In this day and age with all the awareness around mental health and wellness it amazes me the level of guilt, pressure and general bitchiness women put on each other over these two subjects! Everyone has their own limits and the struggle is all relative. How dare any one mother tell another what’s best regardless of what they’re able for or able to cope with. Rant over!

Online Shopping

I didn’t heed this advice and in hindsight it would have been handy to order the groceries online. In fact if I’d had to have a C-Section it would have been essential.

Stock Pile The Freezer

When your day turns upside down it’s the freezer for dinner so stock it with some home-made essentials like lasagnes, fishcakes etc. If not you are looking at ordering a pizza and let’s face it there’s only so many times you can justify ringing the chipper without the inevitable guilt or equally taking on the obesity challenge!

Go Easy On Your Self

I imagine this spans the generations and the pregnancies. Do your best… whatever that might be, is just fine. Don’t put yourself in situations that potentially make you feel inferior like holier than thou friends and discussion groups recommending you make your own cheese and pesto if you love your baby! Find the balance that’s right for you, try everything and pick feeding, weaning, sleeping, living that’s right and healthy for your whole family not some one else’s.

My main goal when this new baby arrives is a quiet life, to keep the house ticking over and above all keep everyone happy. Ned satisfied, Mulligan walked, my husband not ignored and myself sane. The rest will have to come into play when they start school I reckon πŸ˜…

love Dee x













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