Bibs and Burps – Rùna Baby a Review

Rùna Baby is based n Kildare an Irish family run business specialising in bibs. Ned is pretty much coming to the end of his bib journey now I just use them to save clothes from certain foods or activities. Unfortunately though bibs and muslins were the most needed items in the house from day one with Ned he was so windy and gripey it was endless! Yes windy and gripey are the technical terms 🙈😊


I wonder will his brother have the same affliction? I can still see the midwife on our second night in hospital second day on the breast. Sitting on the side of my bed explaining to a clueless girl that he was full of wind and showing me ways to wind a newborn. Little did I know that was the start of a very long journey of back slapping and spit!

Rùna Baby are made from 100% organic cotton layered with polyester fleece to help absorption when the drooling starts. Let’s not even start in teething 😱 They are very soft to touch and the designs are unique to Rûna Baby. They’ve an excellent price point in comparison to similar products so definitely worth a try in the endless bibing that may be a head of you.

The full overall bib is very cool and allot thicker a fabric then the Ikea ones I’ve used previously. It’s soft and nearly like clothing. Ned didn’t like the way the Ikea one gripped his wrists with elastic and plastic which lead to totally unnecessary battles. The Rùna Baby long sleeve bib is a different product altogether and hopefully will put us in a position to enjoy water play again. So far no protest and no even association to the other overall just happily wore it! It can also be washed at 60 degrees that’s ideal making it very versatile for baking, cooking and painting.

Use discount code RUNADEE10 for a discount on your order.

Enjoy Dee x


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