Memories of growing up – Documenting those milestones a review

We’ve all seen that angelic moment on TV where the 7th heaven family make marks on a wall or door frame documenting their child’s height.

I love the idea of recording memories but you probably already know that from my photo obsession! There’s nothing I love more than documenting our lives through a lens. I have a memory box of all sorts from when my husband and I met. I kept everything of Neds from his first year.

Being renters it wasn’t exactly worth loosing the deposit to start marking Neds height down on any part of the house. It was probably for the best because we couldn’t t take it was us when we move and strangers would then live with it and no doubt paint over it, meaning nothing to them.

Memories Of Growing Up have handed me the solution and I’m excited to belatedly start recording Neds height and then add his brother to it too and document both of them on this fabulous height chart.


I’ve chosen the wild animals designs as it feels appropriate when raising boys 😂 I joke, I choose the wild animals because it’s like a piece of art work with over sixty animals all stacked on top of each other.

Stunning illustration which is the kind of thing Ned will love pointing and labelling them all, like he does with his current picture book obsession! Best bit; it is going to be pawed at and its not made of paper! It’s a tough sort of matt plastic material that’s flexible enough to roll up but tough enough it won’t be torn by small hands!

This is a great gift for showers, congratulations and perfect nursery decor. It’s a good addition to a hamper too. My personal favourite idea is a stocking filler for the tiny baby who needs nothing this Christmas but you don’t want to leave them empty handed.


⚠⚠ Closed ⚠⚠ If you would like to win one there’s a competition running on my instagram @deehollhan pop over and enter. Or like this review and follow the blog for entries!

Enjoy Dee xx

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