If you haven’t something nice to say, then zip it!

Now it may seem somewhat ironic or even hypocritical of a so called blogger (I use it loosely) to be annoyed about getting unwanted opinions but in my defense I don’t hound down followers, make them follow me, read my blog and watch my stories. I’m hear if you want to ask or listen but it’s totally your choice.

Where as people not just people some total strangers giving out very personal and definite opinions about my life without me solicitating said opinions in any way is a whole other ball game!!!

Here’s how the week went;

-When are you due? And how old is he?…….Wow your brave!

-Omg look at the state of you, you are huge.

-There was 16 months between my two boys and it was horrific, just to warn you.

-You know there’s actually an awful lot of sugar in fruit (judgey face).

-Wow your huge.

-You are definitely having a very big baby.

-you look great but that baby is going to be massive.

-How old will Ned be when the baby arrives……oh right well done ye I guess, I waited the three years.

And this week’s winner by a mile:
-Ned is going to be totally heartbroken when the baby arrives, just totally heart broken. You should prepare yourself, he might punish you.

So to summaries I’m an obese, uneducated, neglectful mother and I’ve done the one thing every parent strives to prevent, break their sons heart! If someone wants to mention something about where I’m going wrong in my marriage in the following days I think we’ll have pretty much everything covered.

Why do we value our own opinions so highly that we think we must absolutely share them. Why are we so certain our opinions are true and why oh why don’t adults learn to filter or perhaps have an ounce of sensitivity about what they are saying! There’s not one statement up there I don’t fear being true every day, every week, all the bloody time.

All I do, like any mother is try and get things right. Try!! So I’d like to go to the playground or sit in a waiting room or meet friends without being told, hinted or reminded that all my efforts still aren’t getting it all right, the margin of error is still plain for all to see.

Yep, there was tears not blubbering hysterics or anything I’ll save them for when someone important actually gives me an opinion I care about, but there was some sensitive, I’m pregnant and exhausted welling up for sure!

Enjoy Dee x

4 thoughts on “If you haven’t something nice to say, then zip it!

  1. Judgy bastards! You look fantastic from what I’ve seen, there’s sugar in everything, fruit is great for kids what else are they supposed to eat?! And Ned definitely won’t be heartbroken! You’re doing great ❤️


  2. Angela says:

    Judgey bastards is right!!
    Those are the people that are so insecure about their own methods & the fear they are getting it wrong…that instead of looking inward, they project out nasty lil comments to bring others down & try make them worriers too!!
    Never mind them Dee! 💕 you have it so right, you write stuff that really hits home with your readers & I know you helped a lot of people! Also you’re a great mother, you look beautiful & are an absolute credit to lil Ned! Happiest lil boy I know….so those people can just do one!
    Love you mou, x x x


    • Omg Ang so mam had the very same response she was like all those statements are statements about themselves and what they are concerned about in their own lives. Nothing go to do with you in fact….. Ye pair!!! Thanks Mou, Love you xx


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