Top 10 Baby and Toddler Toys under €100

My top 10 Toys are all toys that were actually worth the purchase! Good value, hardy, stood the test of time and bar the real small baby stuff are still being played with months later. If it’s on the list it bought me time, a cuppa, maybe even a solo toilet break, hell when he was a very small baby maybe even a shower!!

  1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-a-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile – this is like no other mobile do not be fooled. It’s worth every penny a little bit pricier then other similar ones it is for a reason. Ours was a hand me down so our new baby will be baby number four for this mobile and it shows no signs of giving up. This would get you a quick shower for sure!339BF037-B1F2-446B-9E93-02BA36707BA7-222-00000011CFB78B6F
  2. A light up play mat – A play matt with lights, the lights are essential on this one!! Ours is no longer available but Smyths are stocking a newer version which will be purchased in this house for baby number two.231A3397-5127-4114-ACF9-E1E983ADD5F6-222-000000158A4964F1
  3. Baby swing – Again we went with Bright Starts brand and our particular one isn’t available but there’s a newer one which seems the very same. Ned napped so well in this I made and iced a three tier christening cake, just saying!!!7C7E18AA-7DA2-4019-866C-9654745C60A7-222-00000014CADE4D36
  4. Bright starts activity centre – The Zippy Zoo – Ned was an early walker and busy busy baby this was fantastic. Really helped me get the dinner on and bits and bobs like that. Not to mention exhaust him! It was easier than a traditional walker as he didn’t actually go any where so less chance of injury or destruction. It also stands alone as an activity table when they are more independent and on the move fully. 28EA5507-EEDD-4E93-A1DB-B6D6952A1789-222-0000001744F9DAB0
  5. Little Tikes Transporter – cheap as chips rough, though and hard wearing to say the least. Ned plays with this continually and consistently since his first birthday and he is two now. It ain’t going no where it is a star buy! F76F56CC-6A76-4BDC-A0A6-4F1471676AD2-222-00000017729F60B8
  6. VTech Toot Toot Farm Yard and Animals – In fact any of the Vtech Toot Toot systems. They all interconnect with one another. Cars and animals are all lovely size for little hands! They have been a huge hit this summer with Ned. He received them months ago but was a little young to really get into them. Now he is thoroughly enjoying everything about them and playing on his own with the sets! The latest addition was the train set!                                                      9390DF32-0859-4D9C-9ABC-92790731C62B-222-0000001A707C9F3C
  7. A Trike – with parent control handle and adjustable levels according to their age and ability. These really vary in price so shop around but there are loads available under €100. We have the fisher price trike and apart from one repair from what I imagine is over use it is still going strong and used weekly. 871FF956-A3D4-404A-AA07-78A8D8EEBFB6-283-00000063A39A4867
  8. The Soulet foldable Baby swing set – essentially for outdoor use but if you had the space it can come in. Ned has had this for two summers and it is not showing sign of any wear it is fantastic. D935FE75-2116-47E9-B07D-E6BC973D2A70-222-0000001F587848AE
  9. Sand Pit – we just went with the cheap and cheerful shells and through in a bag of sand. This is hours of entertainment not always independent but hours all the same. 639EE216-F59E-4E94-B4C0-A7ACACF5AE80-222-0000001F40E40A89
  10. Ikea Grarage – one of the most simple constructs you’ll ever see but my god is it loved. €13 it’s an absolute steal!! It’s incredibly hard wearing can be broken down to take with you which I love as I bring it on holidays, play dates and Grans. Ned loves this. He has being playing with this for months with a range of different cars from the Vtech Toot Toots to hot wheels to the tow truck that came with it.  The most exciting news Ikea are now online and deliver!!! 593FA116-26B3-4209-8CB9-68150DC13DBD-222-0000001E2DFA6E1C

My top tips when purchasing are;

-if you have other mum pals see if they have it and trial run it with yours.

-When looking for the best price I find internet searching the item using “” reallly useful. If you are looking for a particular brand it will nine times out of ten bring you to the store selling it for the cheapest price in Ireland.

-Check amazon with exchange rates so good and their very favourable Irish postage depending on the seller choice it can often come in a bundle cheaper.

-Join groups like “Beady Eye Bargains and Special Offers” on Facebook for top tips, discount codes and recommendations of bargains from the high street and online.

Happy Shopping!

Enjoy Dee xx


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