My Top Baby and Toddler Lotions and Potions!

You’llYou might never need them but I always have them in the press. Most of these I was totally unaware of when I had Ned and learned the usual way from other mums recommending them or running to the chemist and asking the pharmacist for advice. I put together a hamper for my best friend when she had her first baby in July and all these tinctures made an appearance. Some are not suitable until three months old and some are just for emergencies and some I still use daily with Ned in toddlerhood.


1. Infacol; Ned was the windiest man in Ireland and we found it very difficult to always get it up and guarantee no discomfort. Billy on the other hand is proving easier and I haven’t used it yet.

2. Gripe water (alcohol free) This really helped Ned. In fact sometimes he got immediate relief. It was used more then I hoped to be honest but when it showed to relieve pain and discomfort from wind and digestive problems it was hard not to keep giving it to him.

3. Saline nasal drops or Saline nasal spray; I have winter babies so unfortunately periods of congestion are inevitable. These both helped Ned allot and are currently part of Billy’s bedtime routine. Unfortunately only useful while Ned was a little baby and you could happily administer them, once he got older and wiser to what was coming it was too traumatic and dramatic! Fear not though because as they get older your options for relieving congestion do broaden so it’s merely a change of tactics.

4. Calpol Vapour Plug In; I love this bad boy, it’s a game changer! The refills arent cheap but I won’t be without it. The vapour really helps relieve congestion and the lavender aids sleep. It says it last eight hours but I found it lasted longer. It’s also one of those few products for congestion that’s in the lower age group bracket. They recently had the plug in the Aldi special buys for a steal so have a gander in their.

5. Snuffles Baby vapour rub; This is a tiny little pot of a very effective vapour rub and decongestant. Bonus it was very kind to Neds skin too.

6. Calpol; Is there an Irish home without Calpol? Also can we take a moment for our parents who didn’t have the new syringe plungers and had to some how administer it with a spoon. Mind blown!

7. Neurofen; I wonder would I still be here to tell the tale if not for this bottle! Ned’s teething was pretty phenomenal. I may still be scarred but this definitely gave him relief when it was at it’s absolute worst.

8. Calendula baby oil; this was my fav oil for after bath when Ned was a new born and I also used it in his scalp. I currently use with Billy for baby massage and all I’ve The above too.

9. Calendula face cream; still part of Neds bedtime routine in this house two years later! Love it!

10. Sudocream; come on are you even a mam if you don’t have this in every bag and room and use it for everything and everyone!

11. Caldesene; I think their powder is great but have you come across their spray yet? I only found it this time round whilst shopping for baby Billy at the pregnancy and baby fair. I like the brand and it was on offer so I said I’d give it a go. I’m impressed the bottle goes a very very long way not to mention the spray application seems a very hygienic option during changes.

12. Olbas Vapour Oil; I have used the adult one allot pre babies and found it great so when I happended across a baby version I was very pleased. This is my go too in Neds room when I don’t think his nose is that bad. I hear a sniffle but not enough to warrant using a Calpol plug in. At the same time I don’t want risk my nights sleep being disturbed just because I’m being cheap about my refills! So olbas oil saves day!

13. Manuka Honey; it comes in all shapes and sizes and prices but is pretty much sold every where now. If I think Ned is coming down with something I pop it in his porridge. If I am, I drink it in warm water and lemon. Mulligan has it once a week. It’s healing properties are renowned!!! And not hippy dippy herby healing no this is a fact! You have to use it to believe it, it actually came in to our house via Mulligan and advice from the vet about three years ago and we’ve never looked back since.

The next three aren’t actually available in Ireland but are available in the UK or USA and online for a very reasonable price, So get aunty, uncle, brother to make it their gift to you when coming home.

13. Metanium; nappy rash cream! The best ointment I’ve ever used to treat nappy rash. This was a life saver and I will not be without it. I didn’t use it as a barrier cream but to treat only and I used it sparingly.

14. Teething Gel; our teething journey with Ned was something from a horror movie with him cutting his teeth in sets of four and early! Having pretty much a full set by the time he was 12 months old! (Pray for us with Billy) Although I didn’t find this gel helpful when the teeth were actually cutting I did find it good for pre-teething and discomfort.

15. Nose Freda; The king of snot suckers this little snot vacuum is a triumph!!! I tried two other brands and no there is simply no comparison friends, none!


DISCALIMER; I am not a doctor, a skin specialist, a dentist, a pharmacist or any other profession trained to recommend creams and medicine. I’m a mum letting the world know what products I use on my kids. That is all. If you use any of these products based on my recommendation it is at your own risk and your own responsiblilty for the subsequent consequences of that use. And remember kids if you or your child are unwell and you feel they need treatment for anything speak to your pharmacist or G.P. immediately don’t Google and read a blog 😂

Enjoy Dee x

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