Tips and Tricks for the Lotions and Potions.

Following on from my last piece which was a list of my lotions and potions for the boys that I won’t live without. This piece gives handy parent hacks in using them to there best and getting around potential battles with the toddlers! Lets face it when it comes to parenting there’s always a battle worth avoiding 😛

Sudocrem – They make tiny little sample pots, you get them at baby fairs and in the Eumom bags. Never throw them away, refill them from your larger pot. Not only making them far more space saving in bags but most importantly for the day they get their hands on the pot and decide to cover themselves and the furniture with it they are now working with a tenth of the cream. you’ve saved yourself a melt down, cleaning and possibly an impromptu bath time. Oh and they will get their hands on it!

Olbas oil – I’ve three ways of doing this one way is in a jug of boiling water to steam it into the room while there sleeping. You have to have a safe place for the jug is the only hold back of this one. Two a cotton pad clipped to the bar of the cot with one of your old hair clamps. Three my new favourite, unused leftover breastpads! Pour a couple of drops on and using the sticky side stick to the bar of the cot.

Calpol plug-in – I love this thing but unfortunately it does have one down side(it’s not going to be a down side for everyone I know). In our house a night light is a down side, Ned sleeps best with no light, no light at all and he sleeps well my friends so you don’t mess with that! Caplol plug in comes with a nightlight as standard and no on/off button. We cut a piece of electrical tape to size of the light and placed it over the exterior plastic fitting of the night light section. It did the trick. Snot or light ain’t waking that boy! The second hack on the plug-in was given to me by one of my followers off the back of my previous piece on lotions and potions and it is very very clever. I made the comment that the refills are quiet expensive so one doesn’t like to use them willy nilly. She suggested getting a second use out of your refills by putting some of my much loved Olbas oil on the refill pad! Clever clogs right there!!!

Calpol and Neurofen – I’m not sure how parents administered this to babies and toddlers before they came with the ingenious plungers But they did I remember taking it off that little white spoon. The main problem there is you have to have a willing subject! One jerk when using the spoon and its all over you both. So thank god for the plunger making the battle a little less like a wrestling match. That said if the struggle is still real my suggestion is using the teat of a bottle placed over the head of the plunger to administer it making it more familiar and possibly easier for them to swallow failing that I’m afraid your probably taking a stroll down Suppository Lane.

Caldesene powder – A clever tip I was given if your struggling with nappy rash and you can’t get your hands on Metanium is this; put a layer of Sudocreme on (or sudy as we like to call it) and then put a layer of Caldesene powder on top of the sudy. It’s pretty effective as a treatment.

The Nose Frida – The snot sucker I suggested is still going strong here helping Billy out allot during this cold spell especially. I chanced it in the dishwasher as I was a little bit concerned for its hygiene. Worked a dream and the heat didn’t effect it all.

Last but not least;

For all the products that you need to hand daily but don’t want them near to everybody’s hand I recommend a see through ZIPPED wash bag. Best thing I ever did. Ned is like MacGyver and hasn’t mastered a zip yet so that saying something. I keep creams and thermometers in ours. I can see at glance what I have, what I need and I can have it to hand in a convenient place. Not leaving me high and dry climbing to top shelves and different rooms for these things right in the moments like nappy changes and tantrums which are the worst times to have to look for anything. Pennys and Marks and Spencer regularly have a see through set of zipped wash bags perfect for the job.

DISCALIMER; I am not a doctor, a skin specialist, a dentist, a pharmacist, electrician or any other profession trained to recommend creams and medicine. I’m a mum letting the world know what products I use on my kids. That is all. If you use any of these products based on my recommendation it is at your own risk and your own responsiblilty for the subsequent consequences of that use. And remember kids if you or your child are unwell and you feel they need treatment for anything speak to your pharmacist or G.P. immediately don’t Google and read a blog 😂

Enjoy Dee x




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