What The Snow of 2018 Taught Me About Myself and Us As A Nation!

Orange warnings, red warnings, rain, hail, snow blizzards, feed the birds, save the water, pray for heating, find the food and lose your mind. The week was a mixed bag to say the least.


  • When it comes to survival I’m strong, definite “Prepare to fail, fail to prepare” running through these veins.
  • Solo parenting I’m weak, it takes a village, no doubt about it. God bless grandparents and aunts that think the sun shines from your kids behinds!


  • As a nation we have a never ending sense of humor, no matter how bad the circumstances we can laugh at ourselves #bread
  • Our community spirit is as strong as ever. In the day and age of smart phones and commuter towns, passing eachother like ships in the night. We are still here and adversity brings it back up the surface.
  • Even the best dog will punish you by doing what they do best if not walked during said blizzard days. Even if said dog is about 5 inches tall and the snow is about five feet tall #cabinfever


  • A good neighbour is everything! We’ve been lucky to have the kindkind of neighbours dreams are made of. Moving house in the coming months, they will undoubtedly big our biggest loss.
  • Staying indoors for elongated periods of time can make people crazy. Toddlers begin to look like frogs just released from a box which only had one air hole but a mini bottle of Buckfast inside which is now empty!
  • A glass of wine is medicinal.
  • In the day and age of low carb, vegan, my body is a temple, oh no I’m not working out to fit in to size eight jeans its purely for my health, leg day, ass day,so arm day……we all came running back begging and pleading to Mr. Brennan.
  • Mr. Brennan is more forgiving then most. He is a good person. We will never judge you again Mr. Brennan thanks for being the bigger person.

Love Dee x

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