Have You Met A Parenting Terrorist? Weaning!

Food Glorious Food!!! None of my personal weaning post are going to be advising you on what age, when you should start or what you should be weaning your child. Weaning is totally up to you I’ve two children to worrie about and thats plenty for me to be making decisions for. You decide for your own.

My weaing posts are going to include helpful tip, what worked for me with Ned, what I’m trying with Billy, what I liked, what I avoided. Everything I did and do with my boys is based on that the boys, their individual size, age, weight, ability, likes and dislikes.

You’ve also knocked on the wrong door if you think “food before one is just for fun”. Ain’t nothing funny about food in this house! Everyone goes on about “parenting styles” these days and “journeys”. Frankly our parenting style is whatever works for us, the only thing we try not to do is to get fanatical or obsessive about any one way of doing things or trends. I think of it as parenting terrorism these mums and dads forcing their views in what we “should” be doing how we “should” be parenting. We are bad parents if doing anything different!

Parenting Terrorist probably sounds a bit harsh but think about it? What do you consider a terrorist? Someone who obsessively believes in only one way of living or doing something or a paticular belief. They can’t understand any other choices and therefore force their beliefs on others. See doesn’t that sound all too familiar!! So in my opinion there are definitely a very strong generation of parenting terrorists out there. Near you, judging you. Possibly even torturing you. This is a safe place fear not!

Rather then trying to be something in paticular Rob and I actively try not to be parent terrorists. We strive for the quiet life. We try to do whatever suits us whatever train of thought it comes from. So in this house there has been breast, formula, puree, fingerfood, beakers, bottles, soothers, swaddles, sleepingbags, buggys, carriers, tv, DVD, iPads, Moses baskets, cribs, cots, in our bed and no bed! All in all we mix it up and try and live a well balanced life with everything in moderation, for the boys anyway! We could probably try a bit harder on the moderation for ourselves.

Now don’t get me wrong is there stuff I feel strongly about absa-bloody-lutely!!! I feel incredibly strong about sleep, about getting it and not getting it for example. I’m a mother they are my sons but do I obsess or totally forbid no not likely I definitely try not to.  Let’s face it sleep deprivation will always step in and make you go back on a blanket rule anyway 🤣


Now that you all know about my fear of terrorists 😂 Lets start Weaning Week with a giveaway of all my top choices for baby weaning and Toddler feeding products!

if your a long time follower you’ll have seen most of these prior to this in my day to day life and plenty throughout my stories and feed. The photos of Ned are dead giveaway of how long they’ve been in this house!

1. Rùna Baby over all (to keep clothes clean)

2. The Feeding pal and plate from Accessories 4 Babies

3. NomNom Kids reusable feeding pouches and snack bags.

4. The Yumbox from Eat Well Uk.

5. Weaning essentials by Beaba from InHealth Ireland

My other two big pieces of weaning equipment I am and will be using but not in the giveaway are my Stokke highws chair from Stokke and a Babycook food prep machine by Beaba from InHealth ireland

To enter the giveaway just pop to my Instagram follow me @deehollhan and like the giveaway post. The Instagram giveaway post will go live this evening! For an extra entry follow the blog and/or give this blog a like.

Enjoy the weaning.

Love Dee xx

Prize pics:





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