A little giving and receiving. Gift Ideas!

I’m pretty pragmatic generally gifting and love if I know what someone wants in the first place and then get that for them rather than just buying “stuff” for the sake of not being empty-handed.  I’m also a huge voucher fan for young and old. My top fives include gifts I’ve  already bought for this Christmas 2018 and items I love and would love to see the boys getting. Every item comes in under €50 i think. Pair them up together if your on a bigger budget.

My Top Five Baby Gifts

-A Sleeping Bag – Both my boys still use them. And when my sister asked me what to get Billy for Christmas or Birthday i said a new sleeping bag. I like the Babyboo one as the sleeves are detachable and they have a really long one which is essential for my really tall boys. They wash well as Ned has had one over a year now. They are available from Jackanory. If you like feet out slumbersac.ie do a very clever one with little feet cuffs.


– Peachy Skin Care Baby Hamper; This is an absolute steal coming in at €45. I bought this for my new nephew. Considering a large tube of Bepanthem averages around €10. There are five full size products in this hamper. The most important part is Peachy is a brand to be admired and trusted. An Irish brand founded by Sínead, a biomedical scientist PhD and mum of 2, with very sensitive skin, who has a passion for natural skin care and aromatherapy. I’m a huge fan of aromatherapy!!

*If you just want a little token gift or stocking filler go with the Bum Balm! Their cheeks will thank you 😀


– Stokke Bath Range; Their foldable bath is by far one of the most innovative, versatile and clever baby products we’ve owned. Pair it with their flexi cups and towel for the ultimate New baby gift lush gift!! Available online on Stokke.com or at Bellababy.ie


– Milestone Baby Keepsake Bauble from Jackanory. Its like a tiny decorative time capsule that would look good on any tree. I instantly thought of my new nephew Nico who is celebrating his 1st Christmas this year.


-Oli & Carol fruit and veg teether – Every house needs teethers, Every house!! These designs are gas and perfect little stocking fillers or token gift. I can see Billy chewing away on a banana or broccoli! Available from Jackanory.ie.


My Top Five Toddler Gifts 

-Lego Duplo is one of the biggest hits in this house over the last year and I’ve personally gifted it to pals since. Its one of those all rounders that teaches problem solving, developing motor skills and encouraging creativity and imagination. What more is there to say!

– Play & Go Storage bag; These are a must for the Duplo and Lego fans. They are again something I offered family as a suggestion for the boys gift ideas. We have one for the Duplo and it is worth its weight in gold! Available at Little Ones in Ennis online and instore.


-Topani Farm; Again available from Littleones.ie This is one of Billys Birthday presents this year and it is the perfect one year old gift. A particularly hard age group to buy for. I also imagine Ned will enjoy this too, I don’t see them growing out of it too quickly!


– Personalised Pillow Cases from Dribble Kidz. These are such a great gift and a fantastic price point coming in at 6 pounds and you can get the childs name and interest designed and printed on it. I’ve bought at least a dozen of these over the years when gifting and they are always a hit!



-Curious Crayons – I think their advent calendar collection is very cool, no daily sweet reveal and you’ll have a lovely set of crayons afterwards! They have a fantastic range of stocking fillers too from the childs name to different interests all in crayon form.


My Top Book Gifts 

– “Thats Not My” range By Usbourne Books Anything from this collection is a hit in this house. They are just so clever! Billys first book and present from santa last year was “That’s not my Puppy” he is still enjoying them as much at 1! Available on the Book Depositary.


-The Big Bad Mood; available from MyHigherShelf.Ie. I’m forever recommending this website to clients if your buying books this Christmas have a look here first.  They range is unique, insightful and very intouch with the modern child’s life. I like to think were all raising a generation more intune with their feeling and better able to communicate their problems then that of the past. “How are you feeling today” is also another title I would highly recommend if books are an approach your child enjoys learning through! Fill your cart 🛒

-Elmer the Elephant, I remember my Mam got me this at a book fair so i had to buy it for the boys. It has a nice motive behind it and its a very easily read story. We bought ours on the Book depository. Inside the cover had a little bonus; a free Elmer audio book. It was Ned’s first audio experience and he thought it was great to listen to the story! I’ve also seen the same audio book retail at €13 so a win for sure!

– The Magic Moment by Niall Breslin. The basis for the book is Mindfulness and helping children cope with difficult situations that may arise. This is definitely a topic and strategy we are all as parents going to have to consider more and incorporate into modern day parenting. The magic moment trick is easily thought through the book. Teaching coping skills is a fantastic proactive approach when navigating tricky behaviour and something I incorporate into my parenting support consults and workshops.


-The Odd Dog out – we bought this from the Book Depositary and it was an instant hit. I may or may not have bought it because Tom Hardy read it on cbebbies bedtime story slot and it had a sausage dog in it but i can assure it is fab with a really nice life lesson about just being you and no one else.


My Top Clothing Gifts

– Personalised initial Jumpers from Little Button Clothing. One in every color please! I’ve just bought Neds second and Billy received his first. The quality is unbelievable and they are so comfortable and smart!


– Chelsea Boots by Goose and Gander available to purchase from Goose and Gander Ie. I love the Goose and Gander brand full stop. The designs the quality and the comfort all from an irish brand win win!


– Nutcracker by Cribstar is my Christmas jumper of choice this Christmas for the boys. For one its gender neutral which i dig. Cribstar gear is great quality. Most importantly the only Irish store stocking Cribstar is Minibella Boutique who is donating €2 from every jumper sold to Temple street children’s hospital!!


Christmas Day outfit can definitely be found in Jackanory. I adore their Kite range and Little Green Radicals;

-Ive bought Ned the navy corduroys for the season and they are true to size. Look great with top or Christmas jumpers.


-One of my absolute favs for the smallies is Little Green Radical rompers. One in all the sizes please!! They fit true to size but the length seems to be the first thing Billy grows out of  with this brand.


My last offering of advice is try to buy Irish where you can, it benefits our entire economy and our communities.

Happy Shopping Dee x

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