Clonakilty Model Railway Village – A Review

LooWest Cork Model Railway Village may have been the boys favourite day out of the summer! Ned for sure thought it was the best thing sinced slice pan, from the actual model village right down to the playroom which even got a mention when reporting back to Grandad.

It was our first time visiting Clonakilty and it has 100% won us over. Next time we plan to go for two nights though, as one was just not enough for all this part of the country has to offer. Family Friendly Ireland at its best!

I wondered how much time the boys would be entertained for at the village and whether it really served as a day out but it showed me. We arrived at 10am and they were wandering around the villages and chasing the moving model trains until near 11am. Ned also took a turn of the remote control boats which take €1 to get motoring.


We got the 11am road train. Which really excited the boys as it looks like an actual train, it must of felt like all their Christmases came at once!! This tour takes 30 minutes and its a guided tour around Clonakilty town. The guide is great and gives you the past and present fun facts about Clonakilty. Its also a great way to spot where you might fancy a nose around whilst visiting Clonakilty. Clonakilty is steeped in history and although I’m sure the boys paid little to no heed as they Choo Chooed around Clon I found it really interesting.

The road train starts and stops at the same place in the model village and Ned had already ear marked his next stop on boarding the road train, the playground! The centre has a lovely outdoor play area which both boys enjoyed.

At this point we still hadn’t completed the fairy door trail, the sensory garden or the indoor playroom and soft play not to mention had a bite to eat or a cup of tea! So I guess without boring you with our every move, yes there’s definitely enough to entertain on a day out!

Price and “is it worth it” is a tricky subject especially when you’ve been invited to review! Weighing up “worth” is impossible between people and families so the fairest thing to do is compare like with like and see how you feel after that. A day trip for my family to the Model Railway Village would cost €31.50. A day trip to Fota Wildlife park would cost my family €44.60 . A day trip to StoneHall Visitors Farm would cost my family €36. A day trip to Leahys Open Farm would cost my family €31.50. A day ticket to Dingle Ocean World Aquarium would cost my family €41.75. A trip to Fossetts Circus would cost my family €30


Services available on site: Parking, Toliets, Gift Shop, Café, picnic area and Historical video Tour.

Things to note:
– Parking is free and plentiful.

-A family pass includes 3 children.

-The road Train is extra and is paid for on admission. Between €2.50 and €3.50 depending on ticket type.

– Under 2s go free but what I really like is under 5s ie. toddlers pay less than a child rate at €3.50. Nice!

– The Café serves hot and cold drinks, confectionery and cakes. It is not a restaurant.

– The soft play is definitely more suited to under 5 years and not older or larger children.

– You must pay to use the remote control boats and you will need coins but it is a really fair price point.

-The Model Village itself is all outdoors but there are plenty of places to dodge the showers including the road train which is enclosed.

To conclude the bottom line for us is we are definitely returning. Its a very unique and interesting family friendly day out that we all enjoyed and I don’t really see us growing out of too soon!

Enjoy Dee x


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