Deirdre Holland Hannon

Empowering Parents to Parent with empathy and compassion whilst setting achievable limits and boundaries. Potty Training and Toileting expert supporting thousands of Irish families with potty training, poo problems and Bed wetting.

Consultation Testimonials

“I feel great after talking to you and feel like i have some tools i can try and not feel so at sea.”

“Genuinely the main thing is my behaviour, my temper doesn’t boil inside from frustration now that I feel I have more tools.” 

“Taking away the naughty step has saved us so much time”

Workshop Testimonials

“Fantastic presentation and your delivery was exceptional”

“A great day for gaining useful practical tools you can use for anxious and overwhelmed children”

“Your delivery is relaxed but so relatable and informative”

“Thanks very much for a very interesting workshop and lots of ideas and food for thought.”

“Excellent straight forward advice to help our children now and in their future to navigate their world.”