Online Parent Support Group

(A Members Only Community)

What your memebership will include when you become a member of my Parent support community:

▪️Access to the monthly meeting where members of the community will meet and receive advice and insight with host and Behaviour Specialist Deirdre Holland Hannon.

▪️You will be issued a reminder when the group session is approaching, so you don’t miss out.

▪️You will be able to submit your query or queries through out the month prior to the group.

▪️The support group will b on Zoom on the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm.

▪️Parent support group duration will be 1 hour.

▪️You will have continious access to my library of pdf visual tools and resources as part of your support recommendations. These have previously been exclusive to consultation clients and specific workshop attendees.

▪️Best of all we won’t be tide into specific Q&A topics like we are at a group workshop. I believe this will make every group very valuable to our general parenting going forward and to our family as whole.

What is the Group about:

The Aim that this group becomes as safe place where we can chat through our current parenting challenges and put some supports in place for both parent and child.

The Ethos As always it will be ran with my consistent ethos; No struggle or challenge is more relevant or difficult than another. Pain is relative! We will respect everyone’s situation and all questions will responded to with Empathy and Compassion!

The Flexibilty Both parents and parenting partners can attend the group. Memberships will be flexible within the purchasing family unit. They are not transferable outside of those parenting partners.

The Opening Hours This will be the only support service that will run regardless of holidays and annual leave. Our Community will not close!

The Privacy It will be a private community exclusive to members and this will be moderated monthly.

The Village We will get to know eachother and eachothers families better, and as our familiarity grows I feel a better level of parenting support can be the only outcome.

How to join the Community ~ There are 2 Online Support Group Memberships options: As a thank you for 2022 support December is free to join 😀

2️⃣Annual Family memebership; If you would like to sign up for the 5 months remaining in 2022. In this memebership option you get 1 months free a total €80.

What the Support Group session will look like:

▪️ Deirdre will host and moderate the group. It will be quite different to an Instagram Q&A as it will be more personal. Yu will be able to follow up and clarify information and I too will be able to ask for more information to discuss the challenges more accurately.

▪️ We will break the ice for the group attendees by intially disscussing some of the topics and parenting challenges members have emailed in.

▪️Deirdre may have same tools and techniques to share for these topics members have requested support on, or onsight into why these behaviours may occur in general.

▪️We will open the floor to members for live Q&A and general parenting trouble shooting.

▪️Ideally we will do 20 minute’s of pre prepared challenges and 40 minute’s live troubleshooting BUT as the community develops we too will adjust to what format works for us and what members get the most benefit from. I am always looking for feedback and I will always take on board.