My name is Deirdre Holland Hannon. I am a full time Mum to Ned, Billy and Marykate. I’m a behaviour specialist and Parent Support provider. I provide support to individuals, families, groups and corporations. I have years of experience in providing parent support to thousands of Irish families all challenges and struggles are realitive to those experiencing them. Navigating family life and all the transitions and milestones that go with its growth and evolution can be challenging! 

Born and raised in county Limerick I  graduated from the University of Limerick with an Degree in Nursing Intellectual Disability. Then I went on to study a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis in University of Swansea, Wales. I worked in ABA services, in home, private services and schools for over 10 years. I worked with every age from 3 to 18 in that time. I continue to undertake continuous professional development even now, continually up skilling in the areas of child development and parent mentoring. With my Specialist subject being Toileting. Potty training is something I’ve supported families with for years im creator of the hugely successful approach “Toilet Training Less Stress more Success” . I support families with poo holding and wee holding weekly it’s a privilege to be trusted by so many families in the hour of need. I’ve trained with the ERIC Trust to bring my clients the most up to date research and strategies in all things peads continence including Bed Wetting and Night Dryness. I now provide the first parenting support of its kind in Ireland for Bed Wetting and Night Dryness!

I was awarded Family Friendly Irelands Best Digital Communications in 2019. I contribute articles and opinion to different medias such as RTE.ie , Mums and Tots and The Journal.ie to name but a few. In my free time I continually add free new behaviour support resources to my website and Instagram. 

Most of all I am a busy Mum to three! Providing parent support does not make the days any quieter for me, we are all human and for the most part all getting it “wrong” from time to time and hoping to learn from it! I can easily empathise with whatever challenges that you may be experiencing, both as a parent and a professional.

When I provide support and parenting guidance my aim is just that, to support and guide not reinvent the wheel or change your personal parenting style. I endeavour to make suggestions increase self awareness and add to your successes. I intend to make your life easier and the running of a busy family home a little bit smoother.