Parent Support Workshops

Group Online Workshops – Via Zoom

Workshop Titles:
– Empowering Parent’s Workshop – For a helping hand with Behaviour. 
– Toilet Training Less Stress more Success Workshop.  – Talking to the Wall – Feeling heard and Effectively Communicating
– Nurturing Resilience Workshop.
– Back To School – Helping our Children Find Closure and Nurturing a Transitioning Frame of Mind,TBC 2021

Please find current information, available dates and how to book for each below. I hope to see you on Zoom soon!

Empowering Parent’s – Workshop
Dates: May date TBC

Price: 50pp Duration 2 hrs.

Workshop content includes:                       

 -The Wipe the Slate Clean Approach. – Reacting and Managing Strong Emotions
-Reinforcement and how to utilise it correctly.
-Tuning into Preference and Motivation
-The Why: Thinking about the function of behaviours.
-Routine and Predictability their role in anxiety and the “tantrums out of no where”–Consistency;

If you would like to book your place please use the booking link below

Saturday TBC May 10am

⚠️NEW⚠️ “Talking to the Wall” Workshop – Feeling heard and Effectively Communicating

Not just an Irish mammy saying sometimes there are days in parenting where we often feel we are in fact “talking to the wall”. This workshop has been specifically developed and curated to not only shed insight on:

  • What might be influencing and effecting our childrens listneing skills.
  • What may improve and nurture these skills.
  • What trends in our communication may be hindering our progress.
  • Some ideas on how we can easily improve how we are communicating our message.
  • Ideally begin to feel more heard and use less energy trying to be heard with some practical and effective every day tips.
  • Some simple suggestions in nurturing and gaining co-operation

If you would like to book your place please use the booking link below.

April 17th 10am:

Nurturing Resilience Workshop 

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Dates: – April Saturday 24th 10am
Price €50 Duration 1.5 hrs. 

*Please note there is currently no plans for Nurturing Resilience Workshop in March 2021

Workshop content will include:
– Our language what it can effect and how it influences core beliefs
-Recognising our own Mindsets, language and reactions. What they may be teaching and modeling.
-Navigating Failures and Mistakes
-Self Doubt
-Reacting to the big Emotions
-Strategies and activities in accepting negative feelings, reframing and moving on.-

If you would like to book your place please use the booking link below:

April 24th 10am

Toilet Training Less Stress More Success – Workshop 
Dates: Saturday April 17th 1pm

Price: 50pp Duration: 1.5 hrs

Workshop content includes:
Prepare For Success what to do in the weeks leading up to training to eliminate any unnecessary challenges.
Basic Training
Reinforcement and rewarding
Nap Times
Night time assessment
Bowel Movements
Managing Fears with Empathy

If you would like to book a place at this worklshop please use the link below:

April 17th 1pm