A Sensory Bin for Two – The Whys and Whats


Why make a sensory bin…. sure they’ve load of toys? Well because sensory play supports so many elements of development; language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving skills, and social interaction. Not to mention the obvious bonus of supporting you getting something done round the house (without a child hanging off you 🙈

The best part of the sensory bin is how you can update it, change it and theme it. I’ve taken on a sensory bin for two that I can lid and put away, that works for our house but the options are endless. Mine is inspired by one I saw in my local baby and toddler group. But I’ve seen them take many shapes and forms over the years in schools and services I’ve  worked in. They don’t have to be expensive. Look around the house, find a basin, bowl, box whatever works for you and yours. Theme with the toys that they already love but never used this way before. Or the toys and characters they’ve become bored with and revitalise them with this new approach. 

Open the cupboard and chuck in what you have:



-Oats (were always a firm favourite with Ned when he was younger and would “fake bake”

-Canelloni beans, any of the beans once they are dried

-Chick peas

They are all great options, try introducing them individually to get more bang for your buck! Making a small change every week or couple of weeks keeps it novel and interesting not to mention opening up new learning opportunities with changes and additions.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy:

Bin 1 “Fill and Pour” every thing is from the kitchen presses, weaning bits I’m finished with or lunch boxes with no lids and 6kg of rice.



Bin 2, The Building site is just the addition of some construction vehicles and selection of dry beans for rubble.



Bin 3, Dino World couldn’t be easier with the addition of the Dino family and a bit of greenery. The Pinto beans make especially good dino eggs.

Just like I touched on in a previous blog “Blowing Off Steam, Tackling Post School Frustrations” I definitely wouldn’t advise taking this on inside or outside if the mess is going to stress you the parent out. It should be something to help with a quiet life not make life harder.  If the stress of the mess will lead to you trying to restrict the play just don’t do it.

We’ll be using ours outside for now, Ned would be fantastic and keep everything in the box but someone else i know would be lacking the same control!!

I don’t want to ruin the process by trying to control the fun, so outside and leave em at it is my advice 😉


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