Car Journeys and How I Survive Them With Toddlers!

Surviving Car journeys with babies and toddlers; its important to prepare for success. So often we have such high expectations for the smallest members of our family whilst giving them minimal resources. A ten minute car journey can feel like a week to a young child. An actual long journey like an hour plus needs to be prepared for if you want it to be a peaceful and successful journey. A successful journey will be a great representation to the child of how to behave in the car in future and that car journeys can be tolerated and even enjoyed. Continuous unsuccessful car journeys can begin to create an association and then you’ll be tackling a whole bigger issue. Preparing an achieving successful journeys is akin to a good investment, it will pay off for you in the long run. You’ll have kids that don’t find the car aversive and are very tolerant of journeys long our short.

What I do to prepare for a long journey:

1.       Clear out the car! Space is important and mess is stressful when your rooting around for what you need.

2.       Always try plan your journey so that you leave ten minutes before the child’s nap time. This could buy you half your journey in silence.

3.       I place something solid like a shallow box, solid bag or often a dog bed in between the two car seats in the back car. Something they can feed out of themselves independently.

4.       I fill this box/bag/bed with toys/books that they don’t have access to all the time. You can invest in new bits you’ll leave specifically in the car or you can be super prepped and start pulling things from the house toy box’s a few weeks before hand and hide them out of sight and access.

Top Tip: Anything they can access freely daily does not have the same value or create the same level of interest as those items they only see or receive occasionally.

5.       If your hoping for a nap remember to cover or remove this toy box/bag with something as it will only over stimulate and create an over tired baby.

6.       When they do wake from the nap then you can have the big reveal of the toys.

7.       I personally do not lead with snacks and only introduce them when I feel one of two things. One they are genuinely hungry or Two they are starting to lose interest in the toys

8.       Introduce snacks before they kick rather than when they kick off!

9.       Last but not least if I’ve prepared and used everything at my disposal I will like any human introduce a device. Again, ill go with audio first and when all else fails screen!

One of the main reasons this blog has taken me so long to publish is because I wanted to see if the Tonie’s Audio box would eb a game changer to car journeys or not. Well if you’ve been watching you absolutely know it is the Tonie’s audio box is the screen free gadget every Mum of young children has been looking for. Obsessed with children’s book and music for my boys this always looked like something fitting for our home but its also perfect for outside our home and our out and about spirit! We are spirited some might day!!


Why its helpful travelling:

·         Its padded can take a bit of rough and tumble

·         It holds a great charge we forgot the charger going to Dingle and we stayed there for 4 nights and it never needed charging during that trip.

·         Once your Tonie characters are loaded at home with your wifi connection that’s it no more wifi necessary!! Ideal in car, restaurants and holiday homes where you don’t always have wifi access.

·         It has a connection for headphones so I can still play the radio and keep my sanity, as “the wheels on the bus” isn’t always my jam!

·         It’s a gadget but without a screen and encourages a love of reading.


·        Star Feature – Creative Tonie, well what can I say about him. What a wonderful idea. I’ve compared him to a blank disc and you can record whatever whenever you want on it. Nothing can replace a parent in the room, all a young child needs is your time and your arms around them but in this day and age its impossible to be there all the time. Lifestyles and putting food on the table often means missing bedtimes not to mention the rest. How lovely would it be to be able to hear Mam or Dad reading their favourite bedtime story when they are away for work or just on the late shift, fab!!

So was it worth delaying this post to see what Tonie had in store. Yep! Available at

I have some other recommendations of toys and books that work well for us in the car too:

And remember practice makes perfect and it does get easier!

Enjoy Dee x

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