Gardening With Kids; activities, ideas and what we can teach and they can learn!

The Gains of Gardening:

– Planting with soil and watering are all great forms of sensory play for every age. 

-Teach them where food actually comes from, you know not the shop!

-Responsibility and resilience some will grow and some won’t learn from your mistakes and move on and make sure enjoy and revel in the wins.

-Science and Maths what do you need for growing, energy, sunlight, water, measuring, sorting, time and patience.

-Fussy eaters, its incredibly valuable for kids to be able to investigate all those food we’d like them to eat in a no pressure environment where they

-An incredible sense of achievement I’ve written about this before in a blog post about cooking with children and my point reamains the same in this activity.

-Pride. Enjoying the fruits of your labour with others.

-Learning about nature, growing and life cycles through gardening, garden play, role play and books

Garden vegetable labels:

To print my set click the link below and print. Its freely available for everyone to use👇


No printer then make your own. We made some for my sister as they seemed a little more personal and special

Garden Craft Ideas:

Garden Role Play and Small World Play:

Always my two go tos for teaching through play as you will know of you’ve attended any of my workshops.

Enjoy Dee

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