My 10 Toddler Tips For Dingle!

So you’re in Dingle Co. Kerry what more do you need, one of the best places in the country and many would say the world! There’s activities, eateries and sight seeing opportunities as far as the eye can see in Dingle but I’m putting together my very specific Toddler recommendations. You know the babies who now need entertaining yet aren’t old enough to be left at structured activities like water sports, Pony trekking and pottery!

We had a blissful week in Dingle for two main reasons good weather and grandparents.

This list has the most toddler friendly bits of our week laid out and the places that made parenting less effortful and a little man very happy and very tired.

1. A brand new smashing playground, that’ll get you a coffee and bring naptime all the closer

2. Ventry beach, miles of sand, lifeguard on duty and a toilet!
3. Wine strand, my personal favourite off the beaten track, secluded and a delight with Ned!

4. The Dingle Skellig Hotel, they just make dining with a toddler easy. From space, staff, speed, facilities and menus and for that I’m eternally grateful and will continue to return.
5. The Dingle Peninsula Hotel, newly re-opened and I am very pleased to say has a Varied menu. It was a was very comfortable experience with Ned. The waitress and waiter were so good with him and I really appreciated it!
6. Novecento pizza and Reel In Dingle are my take away recommendations, yummy!
7. Kool Scoops Ice Cream, you can’t go wrong. Lovely friendly owner.


Rainy Day Rescues
8. Guest swimming in The Dingle Skellig Hotel.
9. Soft play in Explorers World. Now you’d do well to know this is an option, as it’s not advertised and the tourist information office didn’t mention it either when I asked for kiddy recommendations but Gran had heard about it and when the rain came we were thrilled. Cafe, restaurant and a well staffed play centre.



10. We haven’t tried yet because we were so lucky with good weather this trip; Ocean World Dingle Aquarium and a Funghi Boat Trip.

See you for the Food Festival Dingle!

Enjoy Dee xx

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