Finger foods for the faint hearted – Weaning

If you’ve been reading my previous posts or following me for some time you know I’m not an advocate of anything specific or think one type of parenting, feeding, weaning, etc. Is better then the next I like to take the merits of every approach and apply them as best I can to my families lifestyle. Nothing extreme and as I mentioned previously no terrorist parenting allowed!!

The following are a list of some “Easy” finger foods that won’t give you a heart attack on first grab, finger food that will actually help teach them how to get the most from finger food. Finger food that will teach the skill of eating solids, improve their hand eye coordination all while your hair gets to remain the same shade. You can serve as a side order with purees or mashed meal to assure a full tummy, a satisfied baby and a nights sleep! Move on to the rest of the finger food suggestions when you’ve gained some confidence in the method and they’ve gained some skills. Which all happens allot quicker then you can imagine.

– Banana, the riper the sweeter and softer the easier they can manipulate and mash in their mouth.


-Toast fingers, dry and crispy makes them easy to pick and grip not to mention dissolve quickly in their gobs. (toast whatever you deem healthiest for your family)

-Raspberry, just the grabbing of these off the highchair tray turns them to mush on approach to their mouth and they will devour them.

– Wholemeal pitta fingers, These are a little tougher then toast. They take a little bit more sucking and gumming to break down but neither of my boys have struggled with them as a first food. Nothing like a crusty corner when they are teething. These are particularly good for filling with other mashed flavours like beetroot humus, avacado etc.

IMG_20180617_141535.jpg-Pinwheels, I never make the pastry myself because that’s just a silly amount of time away from your kids for the sake of a snack. These are freezable, easy to hide veg in, the opportunity for a variety of fillings and so quick and easy to make. They are easily broken down with a quick grab and a gum. They are also very popular with all ages. I made these recently on instagram and received so many messages about the recipe. You will be able to find it on the website in the recipe category this week.


– XL pasta shapes, Ive only ever found them in Aldi or Lidl but they are a super way to introduce a totally new texture. Easily grabbed and you could always add some extra flavour by coating them in a veg puree.

– Grated cheese, a messy endeavour but they’ll enjoy it if no one else does.

-Brocolli, I take the little heads with the longest stems and steam them, they can grab the long stems easily. The Brocolli head normally falls apart quiet easily in their mouths after boiling or steaming.

If you survive these and they enjoy them it’s onwards and upwards with mini corn cobs, sweet-potato chips, sugar free pancakes and muffins are all on the horizon!

Enjoy Dee x

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