Pastry Pinwheels 4 ways.

These are a firm favourites with baby, toddler and adults in this house. They are easy to make, they hold for a couple of days in the fridge and do freeze although I must admit they are best fresh.

My pastry preference is puff pastry and I particularly like the Aldi one straight from the fridge not the freezer found in the butter section in a green wrapper. Be careful not to accidentally pick up the blue pack of short crust pastry you want the Green Puff pastry.


Four types I make are Salmon and Avocado, Salmon and Spinach, Ham and Sweet corn, Roast Chicken and Cherry tomatoes but you really can do what you like filling wise.


– 1 sheet puff pastry

– 6-10 tablespoons of tomato Passata (totally your preference how saucy you like it, I also use red or green pesto but as these are for under one’s I choose the less salty option)

– 100g of Grated cheese or just a good handful


Preheat your oven to 200oc

To make any of the varieties roll out your sheet of pastry on a flat surface.

Pour the tomato passata in the middle and spread to the edges evenly using the back of a spoon.


1- Salmon and Avo Pinwheels – Salmon is a super fish to give babies and toddlers it’s full of good stuff and highly recommended by the people in the know. A fillet of Salmon is easily grilled or I buy a side of Salmon and pop it in the slow cooker and get diners from it and then use the leftovers for Pinwheels.

-Break up your piece of Salmon and spread over your sauce.

-Chop up your ripe avacado and do the same.

– if you have a fussy eater mash up the avocado and then mix in with the sauce it won’t be seen or tasted once baked but you’ve had a parent win delivering a portion of super food to your babes!

– Then cover with a layer of grated cheese (can be baked without cheese but it it’s more difficult to hide your super foods)

2- Salmon and Spinach Pinwheels –

– Salmon as above

– I take a handful of Spinach leaves and chop them up, again tasteless and hardly noticeable when rolled and baked but another super food delivered!

– Sprinkle over the sauce with the Salmon.

– Then sprinkle a layer of grated cheese.

3- Ham and Sweetcorn Pinwheels –

– Similar as above really, shred your ham and spread some over the passata. (If you bake a ham or do one in the slow cooker the leftovers are ideal for this. A quick fix I use Brady’s ham from the packet.)

– I just used tinned sweet corn drained and sprinkled like a pizza topping.

– Spread a layer of grated cheese.

4- Roast Chicken and Cherry Tomatoe Pinwheels – These are my favourite I use roast chicken for two reason it’s full of flavour and because chicken from the bone is full of iron and highly recommmeded for your babies and toddlers rather than the fillet although full of protein it does not contain the same levels of iron.

– if I don’t roast a full chicken I buy chicken thighs and pop them in the oven. Then I take the skin off and take the meat off the bone, shred it and spread over the sauce. Much like the side of Salmon I cook enough to get the nights dinners out of it and then use the left overs for my pinwheeels.

– I chop the cherry tomatoes in to 6 or 8 inoffensive pieces and spread with the chicken.

-Finish your toppings with a layer of grated cheese.


So now you have what looks like a pizza. Starting at one side of the pastry a hand on each corner start to roll your pastry on top of irself. Making sure your actually rolling on top and not just pushing all your ingredients off the other end.

When you have a full roll get a sharp cold knife and cut your roll in slices like your cutting a Swiss roll cake. A good half inch is a nice size basically you don’t want them so thin they fall apart and you don’t want them so thick they don’t cook in the centre.

Turn them on their side, lay them out on parchment/grease proof paper on a baking tray.

Pop them in your preheated oven and bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown and the cheese looks yummy!

I normally leave mine just cool on the tray.

Serve them for lunch, a snack on the go or even for dinner with a side of veg. They are also ideal for dipping if you’ve got dipping fans in your house.

Enjoy Dee x


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