Gran’s Potato Croquettes 3 Way


I love a recipe that covers a multitude of meal time woes and the croquette really does that. They cover a side dish, a main, a lunch or even a breakfast. What ever meal or dish in your life needs a little inspiration or even just a little variety these may be just what you’re looking for!



-A pot of cold Mash, fresh mash is a nightmare to handle. Make it as you would normally make it, I’m not writing a recipe for spuds 🤣 (but i probably wouldn’t add salt as your fillings will add all the flavours)

-2 eggs whisked in a shallow bowl

– 400g breadcrumbs in a shallow bowl

– Oil of your liking for frying your croquettes when assembled.

Three Types:

1. Ham and spring onion;

3-4 slices chopped about half an inch in size. (I  normally use leftovers but you could totally use bacon lardons or a packet of  ham) .

3 spring onions chopped thinly

2. Tuna and cheese

– 1 tin drained ideally from spring water as it doesn’t add anymore oil to the situation

-200g of cheese grated (but to your taste really if you love it add it all if you would prefer a taste go handy adding it).

3. Blackpudding

– 1 tasty black pudding like a good one, Clonakility, go all out.

-Chopped and grilled

-Then remove the skin

-crumble into pieces

Choose your type and add your fillings to your pot of mash potatoes trying to disperse them evenly or you’ll have a few disappointing croquettes in the batch. Spoon your filling through and then divide up your bowl of mix into croquettes size portions. Mine are about 2-3 dessert spoons each. Cold or damp hands can help when dealing with mash and stone cold or left over mash is far easier to handle.

Create your assembly line!!

Mould mash, dip in egg, dip in crumb and fry!

I serve them straight from the pan to the boys if all my ingredients are fresh that day but if its leftovers id pop them on a baking tray after the frying pan and pop them in the oven. Then Heat through fully bringing to piping hot and then serve.

I’ve kept them in a lunch box in the fridge over night and served them the next day from the microwave for lunch.

*I can’t advise on freezing I’m not sure!

Would love to hear what you pop in yours or fancy trying to add to my list. Enjoy Dee x

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